Reynald Gresset

Reynald Gresset’s journey as a filmmaker began with his work as an operator for international news outlets, filming from Afghanistan to China and Lebanon to South America. These early experiences shaped his interest in the ever changing human landscape and the power of creative expression.

Reynald’s desire to constantly evolve as a director and master the craft of filmmaking prompted his transition into commercials. He has directed numerous successful campaigns for brands such as Samsung, National Geographic, Quaker, Activision, CocaCola, Peugeot, Infiniti, Renault, Honda, Lexus, Chase, Google, Heineken, Mitsubishi, T-Mobile and Orange… 

Each of these projects showcases his talent in moving fluidly between genres and narrative styles. His Sci-Fi channel spot won a coveted Cannes Lion for Euro RSCG.

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