Noam Murro

Two-time DGA Director of the Year Noam Murro directs commercials that are often humor-based and organically ironic, never feeling forced or manufactured. In 2000 he formed Biscuit Filmworks, a commercial production company highly regarded for its smart, sophisticated work. As a nod to his range and depth, Noam was named one of the 50 most influential people of the last 20 years by Creativity, and was named the UK’s #1 director by Campaign.

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01 Ancestry DNA "Together Forever" 02 Samsung Grace "Americans" 03 Guinness "Empty chair" 04 Axe "Be the best you" 05 Subaru "Dream Weekend" + Archives
06 Mercedes Benz "Say The Word" 07 Dodge "Ballroom" 08 Heineken "Moustache" 09 Volkswagen "The choice" 10 Land Rover "Roam Free" 10 Land Rover "Roam Free"