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Orelsan: Civilisation Tour ScenographyDirected by Quentin Deronzier

Quentin Deronzier directed Orelsan’s tour visuals. In an interview with a French media, Quentin explains the creative process behind it.
"At the beginning, even before the album was finished, Orelsan made me listen to a lot of tracks. He already had vocal memos describing the mood of each track. The show itself was thought in a collaborative way with a small team : Nicolas Brion for the lights, Orelsan, Skread and me…" Quentin Deronzier
"Once we have the broad outlines, we divided the work according to our respective specialties. My team is composed of eight people : 3D artists designing the visuals and editors to assembling them." Q.D
"Between the premiere in Caen and today, there were a lot of adjustments to do because it is impossible for us to know how our work will be received. We did rehearsals at the Zenith in Caen, but we didn't have the energy and the reaction of a live audience. So we had to do a lot of live tests to see what works and what doesn’t." Q.D