Leila et Damien de Blinkk

Destiny makes random calls on Wednesday mornings, and L & D happened to answer their phones at the same moment.
They concluded it was trying to subtly whisper something to them. They either had to wear thick prescription
glasses or join forces to create something not-short-of-wonderous. Elegantly quirky would also do.
So they picked up cameras: photographic, moving, analogue, digital, mental and set
about making short-somethings that go by the name of films.
The first one involved one man named John Malkovich walking around the streets
of Paris reflecting on life. Others followed featuring a talented bearded man, a talented French actress,
elevators, houses, sunrises, more talented people, some dogs, snowflakes, forests, seas, roads, winds, and so on.
The only other stairs they still bump into each other climbing, are of the metaphorical kind.

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