Fred Rowson

Fred Rowson is an award-winning British filmmaker, with a healthy interest in private detectives, mythological creatures, and the occult. He found his voice in short films and music videos, telling stories of a woman with a haunted oven, and a man with a pet cemetery in his back garden. His promos include work with Joe Goddard, Rosie Lowe, and the electronic pop act, Years & Years, for whom he has directed 8 videos, including one music video-commercial, which became the most interacted-with TV ad in history. For the band’s latest album, Fred combined his passions for music and storytelling, working with lead singer Olly Alexander to create the world of Palo Santo, a 15 minute short film starring Alexander, acclaimed Thai actor Vithaya Pansringarm, and featuring the voice of Judi Dench.  Fred has also brought his storytelling abilities to bear on the world of commercials, writing and directing a spot for Britain’s National Art Pass.

Fred has received many nominations, including Best New Director at the UK MVAs, and in 2016 won the award for Best Fashion Film, at Berlin’s Ciclope Festival. Alongside his work in music videos and commercials, Fred is currently developing his debut feature.

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