David Wilson


Wilson is based in both Los Angeles and London. He’s most well know for his music video work, but his output spans various mediums including commercials and installations.

He takes great enjoyment from crossing disciplines between animation and live action, often combining the two to create something totally unique. David has created work for artists such as Arctic Monkeys, David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Metronomy, Royal Blood, Tame Impala etc. David was crowned Best Director at the UK Music Video Awards and had a Grammy Nomination in 2015 for his video for Arcade Fire, « We Exist. »

01 NIKE "NEVER ASK" 02 Apple "Face ID" 03 Cadbury "Passport Control" 04 Nike Women Russia "Made of" 05 Tame Impala "Let it happen" David Wilson + Archives
06 Metronomy "The Bay"