AB/CD/CD is a duet of directors, Camille and Clement, a French collective of filmmakers working from creative contents to fiction, which was born in 2009. AB/CD/CD is part of that French Generation of directors that mix visual tricks and narrative.


It all started with Lily Allen’s clip « Fuck You » and their then sidekick Arnaud Boutin. Ever since they have had the opportunity to work with musicians who have fed their inspiration : Panda Bear, Breakbot, Uffie, Kavinsky, Franz Ferdinand, Sparks, Factory Floor, Royal Bloood, Kazabian, PC music….

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01 Decathlon "the bag" 02 YSL "Raise the volume" 03 SIGRID "SUCKER PUNCH" 04 Franz Ferdinand "Always Ascending" 05 DeLaurentis "Big Part Of A Big Sun" + Archives
06 ING "Aujourd'hui, j'y vais" 07 Samsung 08 YSL "Mon Paris" 09 I-D Magazine "Rosie Tapner" 10 PEPSI BLACK - IMAGINE DRAGONS x UEFA 10 PEPSI BLACK - IMAGINE DRAGONS x UEFA