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14/09 Ikea directed by Reynald Gresset 13/09 Welcome to Cokau. 12/09 Clio Awards results 23/08 Isaiah Seret #herrendesfeuers 21/08 David Wilson x M83 16/08 « Street Racers » directed by Aurélien Heilbronn 16/08 Beatrice Pegard x Grizzly Bear « Mourning Sound » 09/08 Mirage by Ryan Staake

Ikea directed by Reynald Gresset

ikea-beautiful-possibilities-hed-2017 (1)

Reynald Gresset and Louis Armstrong brings his emotional sense of storytelling to this IKEA « Wonderful World » spot through Rethink in Canada. Here


Welcome to Cokau.


Welcome to Cokau, aka Achille Coquerel & Thomas Kauffman, the award-winning duo. They share a great sensitivity that shines through their direction, beautifying textures and materials. They give the best homage to our beloved Paris with their large-scale project #3wordsforparis.


Clio Awards results


Leroy Merlin « Life’s Adventure » directed by Reynald Gresset and photographed by Matias Boucard through BETC won a Bronze at CLIO Awards in Cinematography.


Isaiah Seret #herrendesfeuers

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« Me, my meat and the flames of my grill » – Directed by Isaiah Seret, the last spot for Edeka « Herren des Feuers » with Christopher Fairbank brings us on a journey around the epic #BBQ. Created by Jung von Matt and co-produced by TPF Berlin and Biscuit.


David Wilson x M83


Bear this in mind, imagination can save you from reality. Written and directed by David Wilson, the mixed-media music video for « Do it Try It » by M83 originally premiered at Sundance Film Festival Next Fest.


« Street Racers » directed by Aurélien Heilbronn


« Everyone drinks and everyone has a gun, but the most interesting thing was to see how these kids (…) have created their own sort of family » Aurélien Heilbronn talks about his latest documentary « Street Racers » on Nowness, which premieres the trailer. Click here.


Beatrice Pegard x Grizzly Bear « Mourning Sound »


Women being awesome in the new crazy music video of Grizzly Bear « Morning Sound » which stars Clémence Poesy, pretty butts and nipple lasers. Directed by our NKOTB Beatrice Pegard. Freedom and magic. Watch here



Mirage by Ryan Staake

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Ryan Staake has blurred those lines before; he directed the viral meta-video for Young Thug’s « Wyclef Jean » and created many VR projects. Mirage by Ryan Staake, Patrick Piemonte & Derek Reynolds is out this week. An augmented reality app that projects the internet into real life. Exciting and intriguing at the same time.