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07/12 Kinga Burza has joined the team. 05/12 Eurobest Results 29/11 « Deja-vu 2 » Steve Rogers x DDB Paris 28/11 « The solar Christmas Experience » directed by Stylewar 25/11 Louis Delva pour FNSF 22/11 Gary Freedman x Mc Donald’s 18/11 Fashion Special: Kathryn Ferguson 17/11 HRW #ProtectSchools

Kinga Burza has joined the team.


The Paris-based Australian director has joined La Pac. She has directed successful and awarded videos for artists such as Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, Gabrielle Aplin, La Roux, Lana Del Rey, The Thrills and most recently for Dua Lipa… Fashion and content films along with commercials for Kate Spade, Katie Eary for River Island, Morgan, Ellery, Chloé, ID… We are thrilled to have her join the team. Stay tuned, beautiful things are coming.


Eurobest Results


Gary Freedman’s film « Jackie » for Heineken by Publicis Italy produced by Anorak Berlin has been awarded in Film w/ a GOLD Eurobest. And w/ one bronze, 3 silver and shortilsted in Film Craft.

Marcus Svanberg’s film « Le Bon » for Lidl by Ingo Stockholm produced by Standart has been awarded with gold & bronze Eurobest in Outdoor. It also received two silver Eurobest in Entertainment and Media. 

« Made by Sweden – Prologue by Zlatan » directed by Adam Berg & « A-Z the inner voice » directed by Philippe Tempelman for the agency Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg are both shortlisted in Film craft for cinematography. They were produced by Indio Stockholm and the service production was La Pac.

Ian Pons Jewell‘s film for Hornbach « Your project only belongs to you » by Heimat is in the Film Craft short list twice for Cinematography & Editing.

Lastly, “B.E.N” by CLMBBDO for SSVP, directed by David Wilson, is in the Film Craft short list.  


« Deja-vu 2 » Steve Rogers x DDB Paris


« Deja-vu 2 » directed by Steve Rogers is online. This new film parodies the perfect cliché of an American horror film in order to deal with a sensitive topic : organ donation. A campaign for Agence de la biomédecine by DDB Paris and produced by LA PAC. Now let’s all scream… and share!


« The solar Christmas Experience » directed by Stylewar


M&C Saatchi Stockholm launched this new campaign for E.ON Sweden by Saatchi Stockholm directed by Stylewar. The solar-powered Christmas stunt cleverly reminds consumers that solar power is still a viable energy source, even in the dead of winter.  An illuminated Christmas, yet with environmental concern.


Louis Delva pour FNSF


The 25th of November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. La pac is proud to support the FNSF with this film directed by Louis Delva for the Jack & Jones agency.

There is always hope. Spread the word ad infinitum.


Gary Freedman x Mc Donald’s


Léo Burnett has unveiled his latest work for Mc Donald’s « Juliette the doll ». This campaign is a celebration of the fast food giant: a dining favorite for weary Xmas shoppers, families and partygoers. A go-to place to meet friends and strangers. This new heartwarming spot is directed by Gary Freedman. 


Fashion Special: Kathryn Ferguson


Shots is proposing an article highlighting the work of the director Kathryn Ferguson. She has such a singular look on fashion, humanity and particularly on today’s women as they are, without artifice. Staying true to fashion, she desires to expand her horizon. Long features and documentaries are on her short list. More here


HRW #ProtectSchools


This campaign for Human Right Watch signed BETC and directed by Reynald Gresset is gut-wrenching.This film is as dark as its topic. It intends to put some sense into the minds of the politicians who failed to respect the agreement on the schools’ security in countries at war. Now, it’s our turn to act with #ProtectSchools