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21/02 Thrilled to welcome Los Pérez aboard. 13/02 The Art Life of David Lynch 06/02 Isaiah Seret is now one of us. 31/01 Papooz x Daniel Brereton 31/01 Movie, Story, Vision, Men, YSL. 27/01 Welcome to Emile Rafael 23/01 John McTiernan is back 06/01 AB/CD/CD x LA PAC x BETC x DECATHLON

Thrilled to welcome Los Pérez aboard.

los perez

Under the pseudonym of Los Pérez, two directors operate together: Tania Verduzo & Adrian Pérez. Since they started directing music videos, they have kept the same refined style throughout the years: a photographic approach with a unique composition and lighting that makes us feel we’re in a Movida 2.0., not forgetting the humoristic tone and their singular characters evolving into unexpected storytelling.

Awarded and recognized by Shots, VOTD, Creative Review, LIA, ADCE, Laus Awards, Vimeo Staff Picks and recently selected as emerging directors by 1.4.


The Art Life of David Lynch


Alerte – The documentary about David Lynch – The Art Life, out this week, is a must-see. A journey paced by the hypnotic story of his life, that will maybe reveal the secrets of one of the most emblematic and mysterious director of his generation. Unexplored universe, Imagination and Creation are awaiting you. Trailer


Isaiah Seret is now one of us.


Isaiah Seret has had many experiences: from Kabul, where he is born, to Asia, where he travelled during his 20’s. This background explains is particular style. Isaiah directed music videos for great artists, such as Devendra Barnhart, Norah Jones, or MGMT.  What we love about him? His storytelling, his very cinematic colour range and his characters.  He has been awarded by the D&AD award-winning for « Click Baby Click », the Intuit-Quick Books Super Bowls 50 spot for « Death Irish Coffee », and 2015 Debby Award for his short film « Quarantine ». 


Papooz x Daniel Brereton


Papooz returns with their brand new music video « Trampoline », comfortably lying on a bed during a Paris-Japan road trip. Directed by the talented Daniel Brereton –who worked for artists such as Metronomy and Connan Moccasin- this music video exudes frechness, rest, and vacations, making us want to be in their shoes. Produced by La Pac.


Movie, Story, Vision, Men, YSL.

saint laurent

The new men’s winter #YSL05 collection by Anthony Vaccarello directed by Nathalie Canguilhem introduces the lastest pieces and vision for the season. With LUKAS, SIMON, LOUIS, DAVID et DALIBOR. A mysterious atmosphere, this new film #SaintLaurent displays « an undeniable Parisian allure rendered in a grungy and edgy aesthetic »Produced by La Pac 


Welcome to Emile Rafael


Emile Rafael or « the perfect punch ». 

He has directed for clients such as Beats, Mc Donald’s, for artists like for example MØ, Jamie’N’Commons and also collaborated with I-D, Nowness…Awarded by the D&AD, FWA, Vimeo Staff Pick…His great talent is characterized by the particular grain on each of his pictures and by the beauty of his compositions. 

Emile is now one of us. Welcome.


John McTiernan is back


Fourteen years after his work on Predator, Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October… and Rollerball, John McTiernan is back with a new project for Ubisoft produced by La Pac through DDB Paris agency.

His regular style, full of action, suspens and blood, creates a gripping atmosphere with touches of humour.

Congrats to John McTiernan and all his crew – Jeff Cronenweth director of photography (collaborator of David Fincher since Seven, Fight Club, The Social Network, Gone Girl), Danny McGrath 1st AD (Prometeus, Sherlock Homes, Cartel), Eliot Hosteller production designer (, The Tree of Life, True Grit, The Neon Demon), Mikros Image for the post-production…




Shortly after joining LA PAC , AB/CD/CD directs the new Decathlon campaign with BETC Paris. Impressive staging and decor reveal the different steps of the production of a backpack, all of this in one single sequence-shot. 

Futuristic, pop and efficient.