Shaun Severi

« Shaun Severi arrived in the early 90s’ in Paris to study at ESAG Penningen Art school and he never left. He learned the ropes of the advertising world as an Art Director at Ogilvy .
Shaun has since written directed two short films, the award winning “CITIZEN versus KANE” and “There’s no “I” in team” . He also completed the television pilot and first few episodes for a short form program “NoWorkinJob” and the recently successful drama series FRAT for Canalplus group.
Shaun continues to work as an advertising director for such blue chip brands as Renault, Ikea, L’Oreal, Ford, Decathlon, Duracell, Opel, Nissan, McDonalds, and continues to develop his passion for comedy and dialogue in his future commercial films.

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