Rick Famuyiwa

Famuyiwa joined University of Southern California for his education and obtained his double degree. He took major subjects like Cinematic Arts Film and Television production on the one hand whereas on the other side he took Critical Studies as major subject. With this end of his education he worked within film with the minor role with the support of his professor named Todd Boyd and even helped him in writing his very first feature film

Making excellent work across the movies like The Wood in 1999 as well as brown Sugar in 2002 he raised his popularity among Hollywood. His professional work also consist Talk to Me of the year 2007 as well as Dope that came in latest time within 2015. From 1999 his work and active presence made him to get appeared with clear vision within the industry.

01 Gatorade "never lose the love" 02 Nike "Kobe" 03 Nike "Durant" 04 Dope