Pedro Martín-Calero

Pedro is a spanish director who made his directorial debut in advertising just one year ago with Honda’s award-winning « Up » spot. Since then he has become one of the industry’s hottest young directors, taking on work for BT Sport, a music video for The Weeknd, and most recently a Trainline campaign for which he shot a cinematic spy chase through a railway station.

He worked for a short time as a cinematographer after college but quickly felt he had learnt as much as he could from other directors.

One of his first pieces of work was a super low budget music video called « Blanc », and it soon became a small cult thing on the Internet.

He tend to approach music video and ads all with the same ambition, and whatever the format he always try to make the film he would like to see as a viewer.


01 Trainline "The Getaway" 02 Honda Civic "Up" 03 BT SPORT "Being Dele" 04 Hinds "Warts" 05 THE WEEKND - SECRETS