Matt Smukler

Matt Smukler is a renowned director, who has made a name for himself through his sincere films that hold a universal resonance. Smukler has developed a number of truly notable spots for the likes of Toyota, Coca Cola, NFL, Microsoft, Budweiser, Reebok, MTV, AT & T and Absolute. He is not afraid of taking risks to support progressive advertising, rendering his films renowned for being authentically touching; largely thanks to his subtle direction.
“Duck” for Iams – which recounts the eternal link between a boy and his dog – allowed Smukler a nomination for the AIPC’s in 2016 for Best Direction. In 2018, he won two silver medals at Cannes for his Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign.

In 2012, Smukler directed a short film “The Hiccup” which won him ‘Best Short Film’ at the San Diego International Film Festival, best foreign film at the Noccicinema Film Festival, and earned him a place among the finalists of the Woodstock International Film Festival…

01 Tide "Dirty little habit" 02 Iams "Duck" 03 Mc Donald's "What you love once you never forget" 04 Coca Cola " Date night" 05 DB "Fan"