Mark Zibert

Mark Zibert has been a professional photographer since 2000. From his first major break for Nike to an Adidas campaign for the Beijing Olympics – which won China its first Cannes Gold and was named Photography Campaign of the Year at the prestigious Lucie Awards NY – his work is constantly evolving. Effortlessly original and technically abstract

01 SICK KIDS "ANTHEM" 02 IKEA "LAMP II" 03 AXA "DANCE" 04 Nike "Smile" 05 Walmart "An Ode to Motherhood" + Archives
06 Right to play "Anthem" 07 THINK ! "DON'T DRINK DRIVE 50TH ANNIVERSARY" 08 NIKE "VAPOR TRAIL" 09 Tangerine “Stuntman” 09 Tangerine “Stuntman”