Ben Quinn

Ben is an  award winning commercials director. He creates  beautiful films with natural and  evocative performances at their heart.

Ben began his career building sets for the soap opera Home and Away to fund his fledgling career in music.  In 1997, Ben arrived in the UK with his terrible band, a record deal and a suitcase full of heady dreams.  They broke up on arrival.

With no music to play he turned to his other great love, film and began working on documentaries for the BBC including Horizon and The Human Body. This experience has shaped Ben’s style of film-making, the imagery often raw, the performances always powerfully real.

In 2008 he created a spot for humanitarian project The Elders’ that on first screening drew a standing ovation from the room that included Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter. A year later Ben worked with Nicholas Hoult, Michelle Ryan, Emilia Fox, Joanna Page and Goldie on the Samantha Morton’s « Help Give Them a Voice » campaign for the COI.


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01 Center Parcs "Your Family, your time" 02 Dick's Sporting Goods "Fifth ward saints" 03 Panera "Anthem"