Andreas Nilsson

A classically trained painter and sculptor, Andreas Nilsson is known for his fine art-driven, often surreal and playful style of directing. He entered into the world of commercials by way of set design and art direction in the music industry; a background that is evident in the elaborate, memorable images and sounds woven into his advertising campaigns.

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01 Volvo "The Split" Volvo Andreas Nilsson 02 Samsung x LeBron James "Let's Go To Work" 03 Expensify feat. 2 Chainz 04 OVO "It's time to power your life" 05 Squarespace Atlas + Archives
06 Rekordeling 07 OUI.SNCF 08 Hornbach "Regret Nothing" 09 SNICKERS "RAP BATTLE" 10 Mont Blanc 10 Mont Blanc