La Pac is an advertising films production company created in 1972. It tallies 65 Lions, one Grand Prix and one Palme d’Or in its honors list. La Pac has collaborated with the most prestigious directors and creators such as Ridley Scott, Jean-Paul Goude, Oliveiro Toscani, David Lynch, Bettina Rheims, David Bailey, Patrice Leconte, Jerry Schatzberg, Richard Avedon…

At the core of the company lies production of the utmost highest quality. In October 2015, Alain Bernard  passed on the torch to Jérôme Denis, who is now taking the lead. Values of excellence, expertise and flexibility are amongst many prioritised at La Pac.

On any platform of expression, La Pac is an actor of creative production through three companies:


La Pac, production of exclusive directors and creative films.

La Pac TV, programs and TV content.

Very-Content, production of solutions and branded content.

Editors,  image post-production.